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The perfect women's clothing accessory. Wear a designer scarf that can easily turn into sleeves at any chilly moment. No more lugging around an extra article of clothing to avoid an unexpected chilly restaurant, office, theatre, etc..   Classic Cut - Drapes across the back, Kimono Cut - Longer at the backArmScarvz - is one scarf that has two sleeves. It comes in a decorative carry along bag so you can keep it in your purse. The perfect backup women's clothing accessory.Both Cuts can be worn as a scarf OR sleeves, and comes in a nice little sheer organza bag to keep ‘em safe and handy!  Seasonless, colourful ArmScarvz belong in every well-dressed woman’s closet—or, rather, around her neck or on her arms, worn as sleeves. Whichever way you choose to wear them, this pair of ArmScarvz glams up any ensemble you’ve thrown together, a perfect match for jeans OR a little black dress.

Armscarvz Cream Sheer

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