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Ruined your favourite shoes or boots by driving in them? Scuffed the back beyond repair? You need a Heel Shield
The Achilles's Heel Shield is a shoe care device designed to protect the heel of boots, high heel shoes, high-heel sling backs, high-heel sandals, men's dress shoes and athletic shoes while driving.
This nifty gadget was first created & conceived in remedy to the ruining of a new, expensive yellow pair of designer shoes that were destroyed by the dirty and obstructive car mats while driving to an important event. The shields are completely unisex .
The Heel Shield will fit shoes and boots up to a DD width.
Slide The Shield onto the bottom rear of the shoe being sure to cover the shoe area that rests on the carpeting

Heel Shields - Achilles Heels

  • How to use a Achilles Heel Shield

    FOR boots, cover the lower rear of the heel of the boot including the top of the heel.

    FOR smooth leather slide The Heel Shield over the lower rear of the shoe to cover the top of the heel and the bottom of the shoe. To use, rest your foot on the floor of the car, keeping the shield between the car and your shoe.
    FOR suede and other non-smooth leathers, open the Heel Shield to ease. The Shield onto your shoe without damaging the surface of the shoe placing The Heel Shield over the bottom rear of the shoe and top of the heel.​
    Please note that the Heel Shield is not compatible with all shoes/boots, if you find that the Heel Shield pops off, please do not use and return to us for a refund.
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