Our Memory Jars are made with the finest Kilner Glassware and come with a Wooden Heart, Gingham Ribbon, Moonlight Memories Pen, Paper Squares loving tied together and Instructions on how to use a Memory Jar. So whether it is for yourself, a friend or family member they are sure to love their memory jar. A Memory Jar is a treasured place to keep memories in, so when: you had a wonderful day; had a fabulous outing; reached that goal or achievement; he asked you to marry him; you laughed until your ribs hurt; you had a family get together or an amazing holiday; a romantic meal, a concert, when you received a lovely compliment, that disastrous cake you made........ write them down and pop them in your jar, Add that special concert ticket or shell you found on the beach. Then whether you take a peek in a week, a month, a year, 5 years' time those wonderful memories will certainly put a smile on your face. If you would prefer a different colour gingham ribbon please message us otherwise the Black gingham ribbon will be used. Choices of ribbon are: Red, Black, Buttermilk, Lime Green, Pale Blue, Pale Pink & Lemon

Memory Jars by Moonlight Memories