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How do the Insoles work?

Instant comfort - no kidding! No more clammy feet. Just trim your insole to size, peel & stick, the peel-and-stick backing stays firmly in place, yet leaves NO RESIDUE on your shoes! At just 1/8 inch thick, these insoles fit most shoes - without creating a tight squeeze.

How do they absorb sweat?
random interlocked fibres are compressed into firm, 1/8-inch thick fabric strips. This special fabric blend is 70% wool and 30% Rayon, a perfect combination for absorption and evaporation of feet perspiration without unnecessary odour. You won't find any cotton insoles here. Cotton insoles are NOT recommended by podiatrists, since it takes way too long to dry after becoming wet. Cotton insoles can lead to major skin problems... not something any of us would like.
Summer Soles Ultra-Absorbent style are made with 100% virgin fine Australian wool tops, from which the world's most luxurious fabrics are made. It's not the harsh scratchy stuff you might remember when we were kids. This wool is soft and comfy.
Why wool works
Wool is naturally... wonderful. It has been used for years in the medical industry because fibres naturally grab each other, leaving air spaces that let both air and moisture pass to keep your feet dry in the summer. Foot perspiration falls away from your feet and into the crevices between the fibres where is moves to the edges of the insole an dissipates.

How long do the insoles last ?
Ultra-Absorbent: Most customers who use our Ultra-Absorbent style, like to replace their soles more frequently, to keep the sole fresh.
Softness of Suede: (ladies insoles only) Our Suede style lasts many months. They're super durable and perfect for high heel shoes. Just like suede-bottomed shoes, the plushness wears down over time -but with a simple peel and stick, you've got brand new soles! But we're all different, so keep this in mind:
1. If your feet perspire more than most, you'll want to change them more frequently.
2. If you have very high heel shoes, you'll want to switch to our Suede line - it takes the wear and tear better.

SummerSole Softness of Suede Insoles

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