Shoe Sizers

Sizers™ is a unique and innovative shoe sizing insert product, offering a simpler and more effective way of adjusting the fit of loose shoes, giving you options, because size really doesn't matter!

Choose from either Round-Toe or Pointed inserts for enhanced comfort and fit in your shoes

Sizers™ can be used in all closed toe footwear (boots, flats, high heels etc.), making loose shoes a thing of the past!.  Available in ¼ Sizer, ½ Sizer & 1 Sizer 

£3.99 a pair

The Original Shoe Sizing Insert!

Sizers are not like heel grips or insoles but a unique and revolutionary shoe sizing insert, offering a simpler and more effective way of adjusting the fit of loose shoes, giving YOU options!

- Reduces the size of ALL closed toe footwear 

- 3 sizing options (1/4, 1/2 or 1 whole shoe size)

- Perfect if you're between sizes, have petite or different sized feet

- Prevents heel slippage, blisters & skin irritation

- Made in the UK from medical grade & chemically free foam

Sizer Guide

How to work out which size Sizer you require:-
For example, you can purchase a ½ Sizer (Purple) which will reduce your loose fitting footwear by ½ a size, effectively turning a UK size 5 (European size 38) shoe into a UK 4½ (European 37.5).


If you normally wear a UK size 5 shoe but you want to wear a UK size 6, then you need a 1 Sizer (Orange). This will reduce the shoe by one full size.


Shoes which are supposed to be your size but which are perhaps, just a little too loose, you might need a ¼ Sizer (Pink). This will allow a snug fit.


An easy way to tell is to try on the shoe and then measure the gap at the back of the shoe. Generally a gap of around 8-9 mm can be reduced with a 1 Sizer; 4-5 mm can be reduced with a ½ Sizer and a 2-3 mm gap can be reduced with a ¼ Sizer.

Single Pack £3.99    Not sure which size to buy? Try out mixed pack
3 Pack of Mixed Sizers - 1/4, 1/2 & 1 Sizers only  £9.99