Soles - Archtags

Stickers for Soles

... are the hottest trend taking over women's footware across the world for a mere fraction of a designer pair!**


Why should expensive shoes have all the fun?


Arch Tags© are patent pending and are a one of a kind sticker for your sole. They are made with a tear proof, water resistant material with a strong adhesive backing.

The ArchTags are tear proof and waterproof resistant with a strong adhesive backing so whether you're hitting the shops or dancing the night away, there's no need to worry about them being damaged of falling of. Plus they won't damage your shoes so you can easiily transfer them to another pair when you want a new lookl!



The perfect solution to worn out soles or for your favorite pair that need a makeover! Original Arch Tags© and Bling Tags© come in rectangular strips which you will trim using the guide printed on the back. 



Just trim, stick, and peel off the backing, stick, and strut!  Each pair comes in a 2.5x7" rectangular strip with a sole outline printed on the back. Simply trim to outline, peel and stick onto your arch! Will fit most shoes without adjustment.   

If you need to adjust length, simply trim the tag shorter or longer! Outline is measured to a womens approx 7.5" shoe size!