St Walkers

St-Walkers are a practical, easy to use and attractive solution to keeping slightly loose fitting high heeled shoes in place as featured in the Daily Mail Newspaper!

Do your shoes slip off at the heels?


Can't find half sizes in your shoe size ?


Your favourite shoes have worn a little loose?

Street Walkers are designed to be worn around the lower ankle and around the heel of your stilettos or narrow high heels to ensure your shoes stay in place and your feet do not slip out whilst walking! 

Created by Paul Milana a Canadian Bridal Gown Designer, "St-Walkers" are a elasticated shoe harness that attachs to the heel of the shoe and to the ankle of the wearer via elasticated loops. Being very comfortable and practical, they also lend that very sexy vintage 50's look by adding what gives the impression of a seam up the back of the shoe... a look that is VERY HOT!!!

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