Trouser CityClips

How often have the bottom of your work trousers, casual trousers or jeans got wet in the rain?

How often when commuting to work do you put on your flat shoes to find your trousers are now dragging along the floor?

 Big dry cleaning bills and worse how many pairs of expensive trousers been ruined? 

 Cityclips are an amazing innovative new product to prevent this from happening!

Since you don’t always know when it’s going to rain, relying on wellies or boots alone doesn’t always work. Keeping a set of cityclips in your bag means that you’ll always be ready to beat the elements and protect your trousers.


Cityclips use super strong magnets, surrounded by fabric that acts as a sling, to hold up the bottoms of your trousers. They're the perfect temporary, fashionable solution to the trouser-length dilemma that plagues every city girl living and commuting to work each day.


Expertly made of thick wool they come plain or decorated with fun, whimsical buttons such as rhinestone brooches and vintage style buttons.

You'll wonder have you managed without them!

Ways to wear Cityclips


1} Simply roll or fold up the bottom of your trousers leg, attach one Cityclip to either the front or back of each trouser leg or if you prefer one at the front and one at the back of your trousers (2 pairs of Cityclips).


2} You can wear your trousers rolled up, rolled under, or "slouchy". Roll trouser legs up once or roll up twice for a capri-pant look. 

HELPFUL TIPS: **Certain trousers work better than others. Before you leave the house, make sure your clips are secure and that the magnets have a strong hold on fabric. Give each clip a little tug to ensure hold. You may need to modify the way you’re wearing them depending on trouser thickness and length